The 5 best snacks you can take with the keto diet to lose weight.


This diet promotes the consumption of foods rich in protein and healthy fats, making it one of the best ways to lose weight.

When a person considers the need to lose weight, they do so convinced that they must lose weight for some important reason. It may be so as not to put your health at risk, because you want to look radiant on the beach in summer or at a social event or because, directly, you need to feel good about yourself. The important thing is to make the decision and carry it out.

However, this approach falls apart in many cases at the first change: the mere fact of thinking about what you will not be able to eat during the period of the diet already makes many people decide to go ahead with your life as it is without having to undergo a serious weight loss plan.

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For many of those people, the keto diet is the solution. It is a plan based on the intake of protein and healthy fats that allows many people to continue eating the foods they like most and not have to give them up. Now, we are going to give you new tricks to lose weight and lose even more weight with this diet.

Keto diet snacks: The keto diet is based on an intake of more foods rich in protein and fat, eliminating carbohydrates and sugars from our diet. According to this system, between 60 and 75% of calories come from fats, between 15 and 30% from protein, and only 5 to 10% from carbohydrates. The goal is to generate a ketosis situation similar to fasting.

At least 90 percent of the calories ingested with the keto diet must come from foods rich in protein and healthy fats

But to be able to follow this diet strictly, it is necessary to be clear about which foods we can take and which we cannot. And, throughout the day, we must combine these ketogenic foods so that our body continues to burn fat constantly. Therefore, it is important to know what snacks we can have between meals if we follow the keto diet.

1. olives with feta cheese.

It is a snack that hardly needs preparation and is very healthy: olives have a high amount of monounsaturated fats that are very healthy, while fetus cheese is high in fat and moderate in protein, making the combination perfect. to take between meals.

2.  vegetable sticks with hummus.

It's about cutting greens and vegetables like cucumber, celery, endives, carrots, or broccoli sprouts and using them to eat hummus, the chickpea cream that is high in protein and fiber. It can also be made with tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds that contains fiber and healthy fats.

3. Nuts

These are high fat and low carbohydrate foods that are perfect for eating between meals. The important thing is to consume them without added salt and as natural as possible to benefit from all their properties at any time of the day.

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4. Chia seeds with Blueberries

Chia seeds are very rich in protein and also provide omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Blueberries, on the other hand, are testimonials to give a little flavor and color to the recipe, since they should not be served happily due to the amount of carbohydrates they contain

5. Strawberries and Cream.
Although many associate this recipe with the hottest months, the truth is that it can be eaten almost all year round and is very healthy: strawberries, like other red fruits, are low carbohydrate fruits; the cream is also rich in fat, which, taken in moderation, becomes a good option.

The keto diet ends cravings and reduces the feeling of constant hunger.

As nutritionist Michela Vagnini explain, the keto diet offers many options: "The keto diet and living that lifestyle is the perfect way to end cravings and reduce that feeling of constant hunger, as it helps stabilize glycemic levels, balancing blood sugar. " With these snacks, burning fat and losing weight is a little easier.

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