How to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs or more.

 To lose weight if you will weigh 200lbs, you will have to change your mindset, quit some habits, take care of your hormones, and eat healthy every time so even after weight loss you maintain the weight.

1.Stop counting calories

You should really focus on getting enough nutrient in your body rather than counting calories my dear.
if you even want to count anything count chemicals.
so long as you’re eating healthy foods, foods that burn belly fat an home made foods, not refined products! then you’re good.
This is Because at the weight 200pounds the body’s hormones including insulin resistance , cortisol, leptin are probably damaged or faulty already, which is what led to weight gain. But if you focus on nourishing your body you will lose weight.

2. Don’t start with a minor step or small change!

Take for instance, you started your weights loss program about 2 to 3 weeks ago and today you’ve already dropped some significant pounds of about 15 to 20lbs.
Obviously, then you’re sure the program works and you will feel more motivated for the long run that you will lose more weight as time goes on. But if you take baby steps in the beginning and you only see very little changes, then no motivation to keep going which eventually leads to giving up.

Now I’m not saying you should just switch up and totally change your life. But make a change significant enough in your diet or lifestyle that it will positively affect your weight loss in both the short and long run like starting a ketogenic diet using intermittent fasting for fat loss.

3. Do not over exercise!

Yeah once more Do not over exercise! Hoping to lose all the weight in 3 Days is really not that possible with exercising.
Though so many people think to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs you have to work your ass off….wake up as early as 6am and start working out, lift weights and exercise for a straight one hour.
Well I don’t believe that.
oh why Dave?
when you over exercise, you tell your body “hey you’re too lazy and fat, get fit arrrgh!” your body replies ” give me food!
I mean junks yunno to cover for the work i just did”

Then the hunger craving sets in but because you’re too tired to make a healthy meal for yourself, you end up eating extravagantly consuming more calories than you need. Also over exercising will make your joints hurt and increase hunger cravings also.

If you must exercise then do something mild like this weight loss yoga for beginner, or take long walks. Aerobic exercises that gets your heart pumping are the best to do but do them with caution.

4. Take care of your Hormones

How do my hormones affect me when I’m trying to lose weight if I weigh 200lbs?
Hormones are produced by one tissue and moved through the bloodstream to carry out physiological activities but some of them affect weight loss .

5. Eat foods with high protein content!

One of the reason for weight gain is that you don’t consume enough protein. Protein which is very satisfying will keep you fuller longer and help you avoid overeating.

In this list of high protein food for weight losss will find foods such as eggs and salmon contain almost zero calorie and will keep you full for a longer time.

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