How much walking you need to lose weight

 The most successful physical activity you need to do in regards to removing fat from my body has been walking.

Specifically, walking at a fast pace (just short of leaning into a jog) very early in the morning on an empty stomach. You should walk for approximately an hour, outdoors practically every morning while you are in fat loss mode.

Combined with a sensible diet of quality protein and mostly vegetables, your body will transform itself. Avoiding all wheat products and dairy products will help keep unneeded calories from accumulating in your body fat reserves.

Increasing muscle mass also makes your body into a greater user of fuel. Just as a big car typically uses more fuel than a small one, so too do bodies. Someone carrying around an “extra” 20 pounds of skeletal muscle has 20 more pounds worth of caloric needs. The body with more muscle will need more fuel for everything it does, 24/7. Even sleeping you’ll burn more calories (though I hate the term “burn calories” because that’s not how it actually works).

So go walking in the morning. Go places that are invigorating and refreshing to walk through. Watch your diet — DON’T count calories, just avoid what you know is junk and the two things I mentioned above— and try to add some muscle.

The best part of the body to add 24/7 calorie burning muscle are your quadriceps. Most people have skinny legs and virtually no muscle development in their legs. Adding 5 pounds to each leg will make them shapelier, more useful, and great full time calorie consumers.

Doing the above just focus on getting stronger and healthier and fitter. It WILL work. You can expect to lose a pound or more per week. And when you lose it in this way and at this rate the transition from losing to maintaining is relatively simple. You’ll succeed in keeping the weight off that you succeeded in getting off in the first place.

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